Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a professional pet sitter more expensive than boarding?
A. This depends on the number of pets, the boarding facility you choose and any additional services you select at the boarding facility. As a general rule when you have multiple pets in-home professional pet sitting is less expensive. My rates are all-inclusive and include but are not limited to giving medications, dog walks, and house sitting. Although price may a factor I want you to base your decision on what is best for your pet.

Q. Do I offer discounts ?
A. I offer a referral bonus of $15 to existing clients when they refer me to a new client in my service area.

Q. Are my rates negotiable?
A. No. My rates are competitive with other professional pet sitters in the area and very reasonable for all the services I provide. I have not raised my fees in several years. In addition out of fairness to all clients particularly those who do not request a fee reduction, I do not negotiate.

Q. How long in advance do I need to arrange for pet care?
A. This varies according to the time of the year. Holidays and Spring Breaks are the busiest times for pet sitters so I recommend you make your reservations as soon as you know your plans. Although I make every effort to accommodate your needs, visits are scheduled in the order that the request is received. For new clients, during non-peak times, please contact me at least one week prior to when pet sits are needed to allow time for the meet and greet.

Q. Why do I require a minimum number of visits for your dogs and cats?
A. In the case of dogs it is not healthy for a dog to go 12 hours or longer without a potty break. For cats fresh water needs to be provided at least once a day. An insufficient number of visits may also result in accidents and damage to the home for which Amy's Critter Care LLC can not be held liable.

Q. Will you walk my dog if the weather is bad?
A. I will walk your dog in the rain as long as it is not a heavy rain. For safety reasons I will not walk your dog when it is thundering or lightning outside. Due to safety concerns your dog will also not be walked when it is too cold or too hot or in icy conditions. The breed, age, health, and other factors may also determine whether or not I will walk your dog. In all of the above cases, I will take your dog outside long enough for a potty break.

Q. Do I use employees or subcontractors?
A. I do not have employees or use independent contractors. I want to stay more involved in the care of my clients' pets so when you hire me as your professional pet sitter I will be doing the visits myself. I do however belong to a network of area pet sitters so if an emergency arises or for when I go on vacation. I will assist you in finding someone to care for your pet(s) while I am unavailable.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. Yes, I will need for you to complete some paperwork, including a Veterinarian Release Form in the event your pet(s) needs medical care. The forms you will sign do not require you to use my services, but rather explain the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Q. Do we need to meet before the pet sits begin?
A. Yes, a "meet and greet" is required. You will be able to ask me questions that were not asked when you first contacted me. It is also an opportunity for me to get to know you and your pet(s), to go over instructions for your pet(s) and to make sure we can meet each other's needs. You will also sign the contract at this time.

Q. Do you require a key to my home?
A. Yes. For safety reasons, I will not enter an unlocked home. I am also unable to rely solely on a garage door for access to your home. They may fail for many reasons, including but not limited to a power outage, defective parts or mechanical failure. The key will be provided at the meet and greet.

Q. Do you provide house sitting services only?
A. No, I have discontinued providing house sitting services only. My insurance does not cover house sitting when a pet is not present in the home. However, fish do count as pets.

Q. How do I pay you?
A. I do not accept credit cards. Payment should be made by check and is due at the time of service for vacation/business trips. Payment for mid-day pet sits is handled on a case by case basis, however, is generally made every two weeks.

Q. Why do I have a cancellation policy?
A. If I turn down a client because of a full schedule and then have a cancellation at the last minute, this results in a loss of income. In addition, a pet needing pet care services who otherwise could be cared for, will be turned away. For details on my cancellation policy please refer to the Services/Fees/Policies page of my website.

Q. If I have a late cancellation and I will be charged a cancellation fee regardless will you still come to my home?
A. If the cancellation is not due to a contagious illness I am happy to continue with the
sit(s). If someone in the home is sick with a contagious illness I will not be able to do the sit. Because I am self-employed , I have no paid sick leave and cannot risk picking up the illness or passing it on to others. In addition if I do become sick and am unable to work my other clients would be inconvenienced.

Q. What if I return home from a trip early or arrive late?
A. If you are going to be delayed and need an additional visit(s) please notify me immediately and I will do my best to accommodate you. I ask that clients always contact me by phone call or text when they arrive home from a trip so that I know you made it home safely and no more visits are needed. If you return from a trip early a late cancellation fee may apply. For more details please refer to the Services/Fees/Policies page of my website.

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