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“I’m very smart to have Amy as my pet sitter.” 


Our dog, Wrigley is a precious member of our family. So whenever we need to travel, we want to leave her in the best hands, and we know that's with Amy's Critter Care. We've been using Amy's services for more than a decade and couldn't recommend her any more highly.

We know Wrigley is much more comfortable being at home than boarded at a kennel. And with Amy taking care of her while we're gone, we know Wrigley will receive the care, attention, and everything she needs.

Amy takes the time to get to know the pets she takes care of and their specific needs. Whether it's a special diet, medication, walks, or just belly rubs, Amy makes sure Wrigley is as well cared for and content as possible when we're gone. She also texts us after each visit, sometimes including photos of Wrigley, to let us know how everything is going.

Amy is reliable and trustworthy. We wouldn't let just anyone take care of Wrigley, much less give them access to our home when we're gone. But with Amy, we have no concerns.

In addition to taking care of our dog, Amy provides other services that relieve any worries about being away, like bringing in the mail daily, turning on different lights at night, and checking the basement to make sure there are no water leaks.

If you want a dedicated professional who will truly care about the well-being of your pet, give Amy's Critter Care a try. You'll be glad you did
Mark R.
Amy is simply the best pet sitter ever. She is superbly organized, consistent, trustworthy, and absolutely rock-solid reliable. Knowing that while we are away, Amy is taking care of our beloved kitty, Peanut (and taking in the mail) allows us to relax. Peanut is shy and rarely comes out when other people are in the house, except when it's Amy. Peanut runs to greet her and flops down for some nice back scratching. Peanut liked her from the start, and it's no wonder; Amy is so friendly and kind. We couldn't be more pleased with Amy's services and recommend her to anyone!
Joe and Greta S
Amy has been our pet sitter ever since we adopted our dogs 3 years ago and we are so fortunate to have found her. She is professional, trustworthy, friendly, and reliable, and her love of animals is very apparent. She goes above and beyond to be sure our pets are safe when she is walking them and she takes great care of them. She loves our girls and they love her! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs pet sitting services.

Mary Ann P.

I had to look for a pet sitter after my neighbor moved that would exchange pet caregiving with me when we both needed it. I love my pets so I did my research and found the best person to look after them. Amy is that person. I have nothing but good things to say about her. She is reliable, trustworthy, and most of all caring when it comes to my 2 cats, Indy and Lucy. My cats are not free range eaters since one of them will eat all she can get so they require 2 meals a day. Amy texts me every time she visits while I am gone and lets me know how things are going. She will text as much or as little as you want. While I am gone she will bring in my mail and packages and take my trash out. She always makes sure I am back home after my trip in case she needs to continue to care for my cats if something happens. You can tell she really loves animals and my cats love her too! You will not be disappointed if you hire Amy to look after your pets. She is the best!!
Ellie B.
Why hire a pet sitter? Why Amy? Let me share our experiences over the years. Having Amy pet sit our dog, Annie, means she can stay in her own home and stay on her normal routine. Having Amy means we will know exactly how Annie is and what goes on each time she pet sits. She texts us so that we don't worry, knowing Annie is being well cared for. Having Amy means that she would go out of her way to be available to meet our last-minute needs and that on really bad, cold, wet, windy days, she is there come rain or shine to help us out. She is over-conscientious, an excellent communicator, and very inexpensive for the quality of care. We soon saw that Amy is a good person: professional, ethical, and personable. We can't imagine what we would do without Amy.
Linda H.
Amy has been my cat sitter for many years as I travel quite a bit so I need someone that I can absolutely trust. I have 3 cats each with their own personality and Amy gets to know each of them. My one boy, Cody is 19 pounds and runs under my bed whenever anyone comes to my house. Over the years, Cody will come out for Amy with an incentive of good cat treats! I also have a Persian and since Amy has Persians herself she knows how to keep their eyes clean. In the past, I have had cats as they age and need medication and she is great at doing that. If she ever has concerns about anyone she will give me a call. Every time she visits she will text me so I know the cats are doing fine.

With COVID, Amy will also clean the door knobs and anything else she touches when she visits. On top of taking care of my cats, she takes out my trash, will get my mail, and bring in packages that come to the door while I am gone.

I highly recommend her. I know when I am away on an adventure even internationally my cats will be in the best care!
Dawn D.
Amy is a true pet professional. She is passionate about all kinds of animals and extremely knowledgeable. She is a strong communicator involving all appointments, both in setting them up and sharing how the appointment went --at whatever detail you prefer (i.e. number of #1s and #2s)! Amy can be counted on to show up and take our dog for a walk even when the weather is inclement. We appreciate Amy's attention to detail and care in taking care of our pet!
Laura S.
Our dog, Winston (a Golden Retriever) has been a client of Amy's for a little over a year. He absolutely LOVES her!!! Amy is patient, kind, gentle, and confident in how she manages and treats him. I know he enjoys his walks with her and the time she spends with him after his walks, just giving him 'some love.' As Winston's mom, I appreciate Amy's dependability, accountability, and communication with us. We get daily reports on Winston's walks, behavior, and anything that comes to Amy's attention. She is very respectful of the rules we have for Winston and is consistent in her follow through with these. I never worry about Amy keeping to her schedule and am ALWAYS told well in advance if her days/time with Winston will be altered in any way.

Amy is a compassionate animal lover, and we consider her a part of Winston's family. I would recommend Amy's Critter Care to anyone without one bit of hesitation!
Meg S.
Amy has been taking care of our pups for almost three years and we could not be more happy with her services. She is one of the most dependable, friendly, and pet loving people you will ever meet and have the pleasure of encountering. Her passion for pets and knowledge of animals exceeds all our expectations. Not only can we always count on her but she has a bond with our pets that is so strong we never feel bad leaving town because we know our pets will get to see their favorite pal, Amy! Our pets love her, we love her, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Paula M.